Company Ka Raj (Company is King) is a new group exhibition between Quishile Charan, Zaiba Khan and Alisha Prasad. This exhibition looks at the creative practices of three Indo-Fijian women working within personal histories, family and ancestral knowledge. All works are connected through the cultural practices of working with one's hands, passed down generationally. The exhibition’s name are words spoken by an ancestor of Fiji Girmit, a system of labour of which the New Zealand settler-state was enabler and benefactor. These words open this exhibition as an acknowledgment of how the Indo-Fijian communities' histories, both of labour and resistance, have been historically erased in favour of the colonial record of power. Each maker explores how creativity within the Indo-Fijian context, functions as an intergenerational site of knowledge, where connections and relationships to ancestors, family and community can be nurtured and cared for.

The Engine Room: Block 1, Massey University. Access via Gate C, Wallace Street



The Engine Room

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