“If art should be accessible, participatory and fun, then Kemi and Niko have succeeded spectacularly”

— Wilderness Mag on Miniature Hikes

Gather the whānau and head outdoors for an artful expedition in search of bespoke little huts full of stories and imagination.

Inspired by iconic huts of rural and alpine Aotearoa, this collection of handcrafted structures await discovery along the Kāpiti Coast, from Paekākāriki to Ōtaki. Roaming around Wellington and the Hutt Valley you may also be surprised by a pop-up hut enticing you further afield to find its regional siblings.

Playing with architectural forms typically found in the backcountry, artists Kemi Niko & Co. have co-designed and built five enchanting mini- huts with Kāpiti Coast communities, using salvaged materials that tell stories rich with history. Housed within each unique hut are logbooks where you can share your thoughts with other explorers. Writers Mandy Hager, Apirana Taylor, Chris Maclean, Bernard Beckett and Renée have gifted each hut with its own short story.

Ready to discover where art and nature play together?

Find huts now

Or download the pdf map here.

Lose yourself in the adventure of discovering hidden wild spaces and creations right on your doorstep.

Commissioned by New Zealand Festival of Arts.

Roaming Hut Schedule

  • Thursday 20 Feb. 1700-1900. Matairangi Nature Trail.
  • Friday 21 Feb. 0830-1030. Odlins Plaza.
  • Saturday 22 Feb .1200-1400. Te Rauparaha Arena.
  • Sunday 23 Feb. 1300-1600. Te Rauparaha Park.
  • Monday 24 Feb. 0730-0930. RNZB Dance Centre.
  • Thursday 27 Feb. 1630-1830. Carter Observatory.
  • Sunday 1 March. 1200-1400. Petone Wharf.
  • Monday 2 March. 1045-1245. Newlands, Waihinahina Park.
  • Tuesday 3 March. 1130-1330. Railway Ave bridge.
  • Wednesday 4 March. 1800-2000. Lower Hutt events centre.
  • Thursday 5 March. 1400-1600. Front of Dowse.
  • Friday 6 March 0800 - 1800 - Cuba st.
  • Saturday 7 March. 1200-1400. Odlins Plaza.
  • Sunday 8 March. 1700-2000. Carrara Park.
  • Monday 9 March. 1700-1900. Papawai Reserve.
  • Tuesday 10 March. 1730-1930. Outside Shed 6.
  • Wed 11 March. 1730-1930. Outside Shed 6.
  • Thursday 12 March. 0900-1130. RNZB Dance Centre.
  • Saturday 14 March. 1200-1530. National Library.

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Kāpiti Coast

Bret McKenzie

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Bret McKenzie

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