Keeping up appearances in a world on thin ice

Theatre Selling fast


A wild celebration of life’s peaks and valleys

Dance Music Selling fast

Kate Tempest

An explosion of verse and song raging against apathy

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القدس Jerusalem

Extremes exist in one metaphorical place

Dance Theatre


Flying violins! Speed skating ballerinos! Astonishing musical buffoonery!

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Trois Grandes Fugues

Three major choreographers interpret one masterpiece from Beethoven

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The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil

A surreal musical satire on tyranny

Theatre Music Sold out

The Calling

Improvisational and incantatory music with Laurie Anderson’s ensemble


Peter Sellars – Kopernikus

A ritual opera of death made for the living



As much a dance movement as a social revolution

Te Ata Dance Theatre

In Search of Dinozord

Intrepid imaginings transform a war-ravaged Congo

Dance Theatre Selling fast


Two families, two cultures ... tu meke

Theatre Music Selling fast

One Festival, Many Voices

Three guest curators have selected many of the events in the 2020 Festival. Experience their worldview through their signature selections.

More about the curatorial process

Article Magazine

  • Pūrākau Poto: Hygiene

    As he continues to unpick the Māori genesis story, Tama Ale Samoa explains the origins of Māori conceptions of hygiene.
  • This Musical Life: Cory Champion

    Sonic artist and composer Cory Champion of Clear Path Ensemble (among many others) stopped by to take our This Musical Life questionnaire ahead of his headliner performance at the St Peter's Series in the Wellington Jazz Festival next week.
  • Five Questions for Umar Zakaria

    Bassist and composer Umar Zakaria is one of the talented musicians bringing his music to the St Peter's Series at the Wellington Jazz Festival this June (9 - 13). His new work Sun Song Suites will bring a day of solar-inspired jazz to audiences familiar with jazz and classical music alike.