Howard Greive’s Top 3!

1 May 2020

Festival friend and Patron Howard Greive shares with us his top three 2020 Festival experiences. We’d love to hear your feedback too and will be sending out a short survey soon for your reflections.

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra with that Rockstar conductor Kristjan Järvi doing Philip Glass’s Aguas da Amazonia. I have never seen a spontaneous standing ovation for the NZSO – could be because I’ve never felt the need to see them in their traditional programmes. The ovation was the result of a shared joy between the orchestra and the audience. It felt like the orchestra was a young colt, unleashed.

13. Glass_Richter_Järvi_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil. I loved the insider-ness of this production. The Festival could make more of this idea of letting an audience into a production still in construction. Call it Festival WIP. Yes, it was flawed but Bret McKenzie did the smart thing and let us into the rawness of the production but better still, asked for feedback. You can't beat honesty.

The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil_NZ Festival 2020_HR_Matt Grace_1.jpg

Aldous Harding. Once again, talk about honesty. Some sort of technical issues allowed us into her fragile calmness. She is, as Winston Churchill said of Russia, 'a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma', but it’s that very quality that the world is attracted to. Thought the triple bill was great and I still maintain, though some doubt me, that Purple Pilgrims, could, with great production etc, make it huge.

Adous Harding_NZ Festival 2020_LR_Matt Grace_7.jpg

Howard’s career has been built on the marketing and advertising of iconic New Zealand brands. Howard was a founding partner of Assignment where he developed strategies and campaigns on a variety of accounts like Tourism New Zealand, Whittaker’s, Kiwibank and Hyundai. Howard is a founding investor and chairman of Garage Project, New Zealand’s leading craft brewery. He is also a founding investor and board member of Antipodes Water.