Meet the Makers: Victor Rodger

5 September 2018

September is Aotearoa's first-ever New Zealand Theatre Month. To mark the occasion we're catching up with some of the country's best theatre makers – like playwright Victor Rodger.

What's your name and 'job title'?

VICTOR RODGER, MULTIPLE AWARD WINNING WRITER. That rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

What inspires your work?

Wanting to see my Pacific mates in challenging, meaty roles that place them at the heart of the narrative.

MeettheMakersVictorRodger2.jpg The 2018 New Zealand Festival's Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, produced by Victor Rodger. Image: Matt Grace

What makes New Zealand theatre special or unique on the world stage?

I’ve seen a lot of work on Broadway and on the West End and the best of our stuff is easily comparable to the best of theirs.

What excites you most about the future of theatre making?

More and more #minority writers representing themselves and taking charge of how their communities are represented. (Take that, Lionel Shriver).

What shows have you seen recently that have had a big impact on you and why?

Locally The Wizard of Otahuhu because it was so incredibly joyful and all the kids got to have a turn in the spotlight. And HIR (presented by Silo): it was original, it was current, it had something to say and it was ultimately a deeply moving experience.

What are you working on at the moment and when might people be able to see that?

Aside from my first collection of short fiction which is called Warmish Pacific Greetings, my cabaret Christ(church) Almighty (which was presented as a work in progress last year and hopefully gets done with all the bells and whistles next year) and Uma Lava, a farce inspired by Sartre’s No Exit (which is also pencilled in for next year).

MeettheMakersVictorRodger3.jpg Victor Rodger with the cast of Uma Lava.
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